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Terms of Use

Use of the Sky Hungarian Airlines website, forum and other related services (hereafter "Sky Hungarian Airlines", "we", "us", "our", "") is subject to the following terms:

  1. Membership requirements

    To qualify for membership to Sky Hungarian Airlines you are required to meet the following minimum criteria:

    • You must be at least 16 years old (exceptions can be made).
    • You must have a reasonable level of written and spoken English.
    • You may only register for and hold only one account.
    • You have to provide the following data during registration:
      • Real name (no nicknames)
      • Valid e-mail address
      • Valid VATSIM or IVAO ID (except you would like to fly offline only)
    • The ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting online operations.
    • Reasonable level of flying skills including aircraft systems, navigation, radio communication, meteorology.
    • A placement test has to be completed during the application procedure. You have to follow the rules showed on the test page.
    • You must be in possession of X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX, Prepar3D, or other simulation software that is supported by FSUIPC.
    • Your first flight has to be competed within 30 days after successful registration and activation.
    • Ability to keep your activity by flying a Sky Hungarian Airlines flight at least once every 30 days.
    • To use our website, you have to allow cookies. You may find more information in cookie policy.
    • Membership can be terminated at any time upon request. In this case you have to contact the HR department in e-mail or on the site.
    • Membership may be suspended or deleted at any time if you do not respect the rules in this document.

  2. Operations
    • You may complete your flights offline or online using either VATSIM or IVAO network (but you cannot use both at the same time).
    • You must follow the rules of these networks when you fly online.
    • You have to use callsign SHA (Sky) during your flights.
    • You must use real routes in your flightplan, usage of DIRECT GPS is forbidden.
    • In case your flight has to be diverted to an alternate airport, you have to note it in your PIREP, and after re-booking the flight you can continue it from the alternate airport to the original destination.
    • You must use the official SkyACARS client to log your flights and send PIREP.
    • Other (eg. manual) PIREPs will be rejected.
    • All PIREPs will be reviewed by the staff.
    • Valid PIREPs may be rejected due to the following reasons:
      • Pause for a longer period in-flight
      • Using any other simulation rate than 1x
      • Flying incorrect airframe, livery
      • Invalid schedule, departure or destination airport, flight time, flight path
      • Any cheating
      • Other, not listed faults
    • You are not allowed to log your Sky Hungarian Airlines flight to another VA at the same time. Please remember, using different callsign than SHA is also prohibited.

  3. Obtaining licenses

    Our virtual airline pay special attention to the preparedness. Pilots are required to take exams and obtain licenses. We also provide training to reach these goals.

    • You have to optain type rating (license) for every aircraft type (or family) that you want to fly.
    • Experienced pilots may receive temporary type ratings without exams. These licenses will be reviewed based on the received PIREP logs.
    • For online flights (to represent our VA) we require additional licenses.
    • Exams may include theoretical and practical parts too.
    • It is prohibited to use any tool for the exam. The examiner may take exception in some cases.
    • You have to answer the questions on your own, further it is forbidden to take an exam instead of somebody else.
      In case someone from the VA helped for the applicant, the VA member also can face sanctions. Training is allowed prior the exam, except the hand over of the exact questions and the correct answers for them.
    • In case we notice that someone cheated during the exam, the exam will be marked as invalid and has to be completed again. In serious or repeated cases we may use other sanctions too (eg. removal of licenses, ban or delete of the account).

  4. User content

    In these terms of use, "your content" means material (including, without limitation: data, text, images, audio material, video material and audio-visual material) that you submit to our website, for whatever purpose.

    • You grant to us a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute your content in any existing or future media.
    • You warrant and represent that your content will comply with these terms of use.
    • Your content must not be illegal or unlawful, must not infringe any third party's legal rights and must not be capable of giving rise to legal action whether against you or us or a third party (in each case under any applicable law).
    • You must not submit any content to the website that is or has ever been the subject of any threatened or actual legal proceedings or other similar complaint.
    • We reserve the right to edit or remove any material submitted to our website, or stored on our servers, or hosted or published upon our website.
    • Notwithstanding our rights under these terms of use in relation to your content, we do not undertake to monitor the submission of such content to, or the publication of such content on, our website.

  5. Copyright

    No part of the Sky Hungarian Airlines website, its contents, images, logos, designs, documents and other media content may be reproduced in any form or placed or uploaded elsewhere on or in any internet site or electronic or written media without the express permission of Sky Hungarian Airlines.

    Similarly, all content authored and produced by members of, or contributors to, Sky Hungarian Airlines is fully owned and copyrighted to those members and contributors and may not be used or reproduced without their express permission or the permission of Sky Hungarian Airlines.

  6. Disclaimer

    Any information and content available on this website is for Flight Simulation use only, do not use them for real world aviation in any way!

    We do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information published on this website; nor do we commit to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material on the website is kept up to date.

    Use of the website by visitors and members alike is solely at the risk of those who visit and use the site. Whilst Sky Hungarian Airlines works to ensure that the site is error and virus free, we make no warranty or guarantee and we will assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage suffered by users, howsoever caused; Further, use of the Sky Hungarian Airlines Website is entirely at the risk of those who visit and use the website.

This document is accepted by the staff of Sky Hungarian Airlines, issued on 2014-12-21 and valid until its repeal.