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Sky Hungarian Airlines is a virtual airline. On 1st of June 2013 our group has started with the aim of bringing together aviation enthusiasts and anyone who feels passion to aviation. Sky Hungarian Airlines strives to provide the most realistic experience possible within the limits of flight simulator.

Being a virtual civil pilot is not only hobby but a real challenge: you have to follow procedures from real world aviation and execute real operating instructions in real weather conditions. We warmly welcome every pilot or future pilot, who would like to explore the world of virtual aviation and be a part of a group of friends helping each other.

Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Status Pilot Network
SHC001 LHBP EINN HA-LUI Preparing SHC017


Fleet revision 2020

Dear pilots, future pilots!

At the end of 2019, we asked for your opinions in our Facebook group, and based on your feedback we revised the fleet of the airline.

Rarely flown, and poorly efficient airplanes got replaced by more popular and modern ones, among which two 787 Dreamliner family Boeings; -9 HA-DRM and -10 HA-DRN are available now for our longhaul-lovers.

You can also find matching liveries for the two airframes, to be used with the Qualitywings 787 addon here.


Regards: Sky Hungarian Airlines Management

Posted by Attila Láber, on 2020.02.16.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Regards: Sky Hungarian Airlines Management

Posted by Dániel Karácsonyi, on 2017.12.25.

MALEV Memorial Flight 2017

Dear pilots, future pilots!

MALEV Hungarian Airlines termination of the fifth anniversary we are commemorating, again with a memorial flight.

Join us and bring back together the "blue-nosed ones"!

Departure: 2016.02.03.

Network: IVAO


Regards: Sky Hungarian Airlines Management

Posted by Dániel Karácsonyi, on 2017.02.03.

Recent Reports

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Block time Pilot Network Status
SHA5003 UKLI LRBC HA-TOQ 01:26:24 SHA053 Offline
Approval Pending
SHA5002 LZTT UKLI HA-TOQ 01:29:12 SHA053 Offline
SHA356 EPKK LHBP HA-INP 00:57:59 SHA017 Offline
SHA351 LHBP EPKK HA-INP 01:09:19 SHA017 Offline
SHA431 LHBP VRMM HA-JKV 08:42:47 SHA034 Offline